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Online Acting Class

Online Acting Class

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Our Online Acting Class is tailored for aspiring actors of all levels. This class provides an intensive learning experience, offering a deep dive into various facets of acting, including audition techniques, script analysis, and character development.

Key Features:

Weekly Sessions with Industry Professionals: Gain insights and hands-on experience in acting for commercials, television, and feature films. Our classes, led by seasoned industry professionals, are conducted once a week for an hour, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.

Diverse Acting Skills: Develop crucial skills such as improvisation, speech enhancement, memorization techniques, and confidence-building. Delve into character development and unleash your imagination to bring scripts to life.

Audition Material & Feedback: Each week, you'll receive audition material, including commercial, television, or feature film sides, to prepare and present in the following session. Receive constructive feedback and learn how to make impactful adjustments.

Interactive Exercises: Participate in warm-up exercises, improv sessions, and learn imagination and sense memory techniques essential for preparing audition material.

Script and Character Analysis: Master the art of breaking down audition scripts and understanding character nuances to deliver compelling performances.

Flexible Scheduling: We accommodate your availability. Your coach will coordinate with you weekly to find a suitable day and time for the sessions. Flexibility is provided for rescheduling in case of auditions or emergencies.

Course Structure:

  1. Warm-Up Exercises: Engage in activities that prepare you mentally and physically for the class.
  2. Improvisation: Learn to think and react spontaneously, enhancing your adaptive skills in acting.
  3. Script and Character Analysis: Develop the ability to dissect scripts and understand character motivations.
  4. Imagination Techniques: Explore methods to visualize and create the environment of your scene.
  5. Working with Sides: Practice auditioning both commercial and theatrical scripts to hone your skills.

Pricing: The course is $250, covering a total of four sessions (one hour each).

Goal: Our course is designed to equip you with audition techniques, enabling you to confidently perform in various acting mediums. You'll learn to quickly analyze material, embody characters authentically, and adapt to diverse acting environments.

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